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as susan rice. one potential rod road block scott brown. if john kerry does become secretary of state that opens up the seat there would be a special election. scott brown likely to run. some democrats tonight nervous that they could gain a new secretary of state in john kerry but lose that senate seat in massachusetts. bottom line the white house made a bigger political calculation tonight, harris, they did not want to start this second term off with a messy battle over benghazi. >> harris: thank you very much. one u.s. official says the state department may not he release the report on its own benghazi negotiation. team fox coverage continues now. catherine herridge live for us on capitol hill. does the department have to release that report? >> well, thank you, harris and good evening. tonight fox news has reviewed the regulations here. there are 15 pages long that governor the state department's interrible investigation there does not appear to be a requirement for secretary of state hillary clinton to give the entire report to congress. there only seems to be a requirement for th
and couldn't remember what had happened the day before or at least before the game. steve brown is on fox top story. is he live in our midwest bureau tonight. what sort of signs of trouble before this shooting? anything? >> about the allegations that belcher had had head trauma or concussions, both the team and the league said there is no concussion history that they have on this man. and that he was never held out of a game because of a concussion. about the relationship between belcher and perkins, fox 4 our affiliate in kansas city spoke with friends and said saturday morning there was an argument and over her late return from a concert. and then the shots were fired. it really didn't make any sense to belcher's family. his aunt lives in the kansas city area. she read this statement for cameras today: we will cherish the wonderful memories we of have of javon and pray that those memories bring us peace as we grapple to understand the unpredictable end of his life and the life of cassandra perkins. back on long island west babylon where belcher was from. makeshift memorial to figure out ho
the brown spiral notebook that james holmes sent to his psychiatrist. law enforcement officials took the stand today who came into contact with the notebook when it was covered in the university of colorado mail room. each denied leaking vivid details to reporter johnna winter who broke the story that violent images were scribbled inside. the defense now says that they will espn her. >> shepard: alicia, what's to make of the recent hospital stay by the accused killer? what do we know? >> reporter: all we know is it was a medical emergency. his defense team citing a gag order said they cannot comment. our producer was inside the courtroom and said he did not look banged up from this. reportereportedly he's attempteo harm himself before. holmes' parents were in court today. this is the first time they sat in on the proceedings. however, they did not have anything to say to the media outside. >> shepard: i guess not. aly ialeaseia acuna. thanks. >>> a storm left behind some frigid temperatures. meteorologists report 16 inches of know fell in minneapolis yesterday and while s
, they take that football and it's a charlie brown etch sewed. they jerk the ball away. >> just in the last few moments, the house majority leader eric cantor, has said that he believes the republican leadership has the votes to get the so-called plan b through the house when they vote on it thursday. the problem, though, is that senator reid says it would never get through the senate. so we're basically back to square one. forget about plan b. now we may have to go to c or d or e, one of those. >> shepard: all right. ed henry, thanks. there is apparently optimism. in fact, there is that a budget deal could be near and it showed on wall street. in fact, for every two stocks that fell, nearly three finished in the green. the dow jumped by the end of the session 116 points. nasdaq up 44. the s & p 500 climbed some 16 to close at a two-month high. >>> today marks one year since the last u.s. combat troops left iraq. america still has a huge presence in baghdad. the u.s. embassy there is as large as vatican city with almost 200 american troops providing embassy security and handling sales of u.
, shep. >> shepard: mike emanuel on capitol hill. mike, thank you. and on this day in 1969, james brown's band roared a beat that it considered by many the most sampled piece of music in history. the funky
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)